Hai Hui Shan Association

Hai Hui Shan is an all-inclusive international cultural sharing platform. The purpose of Hai Hui Shan International Buddhist Association (Hai Hui Shan Spanish Buddhist Association) is to take the authentic Buddhist wisdom and excellent traditional Chinese culture as the carrier to serve people from all over the world, to enhance the cohesion of various cultures and religions, bringing ancient wisdom to the modern world. At the same time, to further strengthen the friendly cultural exchange between the East and the West, and making positive contributions to world peace and prosperity.

We developed multilingual site using Webflow. The site features a blog, news section, quotes, videos and other content collections that pull content from Youtube and Instagram automatically.

Hai Hui Shan’s site is fully responsive and boasts a clean and sober design aligned with their teaching’s philoshophy. It was a great pleasure to contribute to their mission to bring peace to the world through Dharma and Pure Land Buddhism.

March, 2020. China


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