Woolocation is a plugin for Woocommerce that allows users to drop a marker on their shipping address, this is particularly useful in places where Google Maps have poor mapping of the streets names.

Using this plugin users can select the right place on the map and thus receive their parcels on time. This plugin seamlessly integrates on the checkout screen and automatically populates the address fields, making the painful process of filling your data a bit easier.

Woolocation also uses the HTML5 Geolocation API, allowing users to share their location.

On the back-end the merchant receives (both in the panel and through email) a Google Maps URL that can be opened directly on the app along with the order details.

April 2020. Argentina


Front end Map

Front end Map

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Lisa APP

Lisa: Seguridad Integral

Lisa is an mobile app concept that aims to provide security to the user and their loved ones without compromising their privacy. Lisa has a map module, frequent places, instant alerts, real-time tracking. The app can also be controlled by voice.

December 2020. Argentina


Shamanic Spirit Plant Medicine home

Shamanic Spirit Plant Medicine

SSPMC aims to bring education, information and best practices about shamanic spirit plant medicine to cultivate entheogenic awareness from scientific research,spiritual healing, artistic creativity and environmental perspectives.

April 2019. Australia




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