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Some love from my clients


"I needed a website for my blog and Gonzalo delivered.For a more than fair price he made me in a couple of days an aesthetic good looking Wordpress website.It's fairly easy to edit and publish posts especially for someone like me who has no skills in website creation and editing. He also made me an instruction video and gave me additional support.Big ups and thanks a lot for the work!"

Tristan S.

London, GB - PeoplePerHour


"Excellent. Gonzalo delivered on time and with great quality."

Rodrigo M.

Lichfield, GB - PeoplePerHour


"Gonzalo did a fantastic job (conversion to Hugo+Netlify/Forestry); precisely what I asked for and in very good time.He also communicated well during the process and left me some tips for the future"

Richard P.

Alnwick, GB - PeoplePerHour


"He did a very good job. I like that I can trust Gonzalo!"

Candice L.

Barstow, CA, US - PeoplePerHour


"I needed to migrate my domain from one host to another and upload the Wordpress theme in order to get my website done. My last host erased everything, so Gonzalo migrated the domain and rest of information together with uploading the template of the site. Thanks for all the help and backup with this, really glad meeting you. Very professional and efficient."

Hector A.

Ko Pha Ngan, TH - PeoplePerHour


"Gonzalo helped me in a very important moment for me. He did an amazing job in a fast time and has been so helpful in every moment. Highly recommended"

Raquel L.

Bangkok, TH - PeoplePerHour


"Muy profesional. Siempre cumple lo que promete."

Gabo L.

Argentina - Workana


"En Gonzalo encontramos un profesional responsable, comprometido con el proyecto, con amplio conocimiento en Wordpress, CSS, PHP, HTML, base de datos, hosting, etc. Desde el comienzo nos aconsejó sobre mejoras, trabajó arduamente para finalizar el proyecto y encontró las soluciones óptimas ante cada problema que tuvimos con el proveedor del hosting. Gonzalo es sumamente recomendable para trabajar con él, posee buena comunicación, está siempre disponible y responde inmediatamente, tiene amplio conocimiento y capacidad de resolución de problemas. Volveremos a trabajar con él en futuros proyectos."

Florencia A.

Argentina - Workana


"Incredible professional programmer , very kind person and very creative, always in contact if I have any doubt and gave me very good advises to improve my project in things that i didn't know .Thanks Gon."

Marcos F.

Argentina - Workana


"Gonzalo is fun to work with, he asked the right questions from the start and made the process really fast and easy to get going. He set up a timeline and stuck with it. I would highly recommend working with him anytime."

Rickus D.

Phnom Penh, KH - PeoplePerHour

Recent projects


GIFFT is a marketing app for restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. The platform is used by shop owners as a marketing tool to promote their shops as well as by users to access our …

February, 2022. Germany


Simplify Jobs

We made this beautiful landing page for the Chrome Extension using NextJS, Tailwind CSS and Lottie for the animations. Simplify lets you automate your job applications from …

September, 2021. United States


Bitski US Open NFTs

Bitski partnered with the US Open to provide an unique opportunity for every tennis fan around the world to celebrate the 2021 US Open with an exclusive NFT collectible, featuring …

August, 2021. United States


Lisa: Seguridad Integral

Lisa is an mobile app concept that aims to provide security to the user and their loved ones without compromising their privacy. Lisa has a map module, frequent places, instant …

December, 2020. Argentina


My Lace

My Lace sells colorful, fun and easy to use laces in Germany, they sell both online and in normal brick and mortar stores. For their online store they’re using Wordpress, we …

August, 2020. Germany


Bruno MD

Bruno MD is a pharmaceutical company that strives to give people the tools to take ownership of their own health stories. They sell a wide range of products that promote healthy …

August, 2020. United States


Frame store

Frame is a popular brand both in United States and overseas, with headquarters split between Los Angeles and London, FRAME is known for its coveted wardrobe classics, American …

August, 2020. United States


Salt Shop

Salt is based in New York and they sell handwoven bag straps, Inspired by Wayúu Mochila bags techniques, each piece is filtered through a fresh and vibrant lens. Each strap is …

June, 2020. United States


Woolocation Plugin

Woolocation is a plugin for Woocommerce that allows users to drop a marker on their shipping address, this is particularly useful in places where Google Maps have poor mapping of …

April, 2020. Cambodia


Hai Hui Shan Association

Hai Hui Shan is an all-inclusive international cultural sharing platform. The purpose of Hai Hui Shan International Buddhist Association (Hai Hui Shan Spanish Buddhist Association) …

March, 2020. China


Shamanic Spirit Plant Medicine

SSPMC aims to bring education, information and best practices about shamanic spirit plant medicine, with a particular focus on entheogens (such as ayahuasca),to cultivate …

April, 2019. Australia


Student Tracking App

This Student Tracking App is powered by Zoho Creator and allows the owners of the children’s care center to track the students, organize them and auto-upgrade their …

April, 2019. United States


Melbourne Ecstatic Festival

Melbourne’s first Ecstatic Festival is a conscious festival with international & local Ecstatic dance DJs, live musicians, Sacred Cacao ceremony, and a wide range of …

January, 2019. Australia


Ecstatic Dance Melbourne

Ecstatic Dance Melbourne offers weekly Ecstatic Dance and monthly cacao ceremony featuring renowned international and local DJs, artsits, live musicians, intutive performers and …

January, 2019. Australia


Direct DriveLinks

A small application to generate direct download links for Google Drive files, Docs, Spreadsheets and Slides. After a few hours of going through the tedious process of generating …

January, 2019. Argentina



Eyegees is a small company set on paradise, they craft unique Thai fisherman pants and distribute them all around the world. Behind the scenes sustainability, local economies …

August, 2018. Thailand


Recrear Social Network

Recrear is a Social network for teenagers in need of social integration. I worked with a team of designers and developers to bring the idea to life. The social network is being …

July, 2017. Argentina


Game Pedagogía del Recorrido

“Pedagogía del recorrido” is an interactive game developed in Unity. The character is a student that goes through the evolution of education and has to cope with the …

August, 2015. Argentina



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